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Buy a Home in Minnesota!

Minnesotans have an enormous amount of pride in their state. Every resident will proudly tell you that they love Minnesota’s famous 10,000 lakes, and that there’s nothing better than a Jucy Lucy hot off the grill. They are the kindest people that you will ever meet, but if you start to insist that it’s ‘duck, duck goose’ instead of ‘duck, duck, grey duck’, or that you think Iowa is the better state, things could get ugly. When you buy a house in Minnesota, you don’t just purchase a piece of property. You gain your future home and a state that feels like its own tight-knit community.

But buying a home is intimidating, why should I put myself out there?

In the long term, buying a home in Minnesota is an incredible investment. Buyers don’t need to frantically check their email or mailbox for rent increase announcements, because monthly costs and payments remain stable with fixed-rate mortgages. Homes are also the start of a nest egg, and buyers build more equity with every monthly payment and begin to secure their retirement. No need to smash Mr. Piggy Bank, because purchasing a home is essentially a built-in savings plan. Not to mention, if you have unexpected car trouble, medical expenses or need emergency super bowl tickets, you can refinance and access your newly built equity to withdraw a large amount of cash quickly. There is no feeling like the warm pride of owning a home, and you are your own landlord, so you can paint your rooms, renovate your home, build a pool or install the giant purple hippo statue that you’ve secretly always wanted.

Alright, you’ve made some good points and I’m sold, but is Minnesota really the best place to buy?

As residents of this great state, we can confidently tell you that there’s no better place in the country to live than Minnesota (except for Hawaii. But we hear their homes aren’t that great and they’re also a little overpriced). Minnesotans are famously modest, which is evident in our state slogan, which states that we only have 10,000 lakes, while we REALLY have more than 11,000! When buying a home in Minnesota, whether it’s found in one of many charming small towns or a more robust suburb, you know that you’re never far from all the amenities of large cities like Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester and St. Cloud. Our cities aren’t just convenient, they’re also green and clean! The Twin Cities metro area was ranked as one of the top 3 cleanest cities in the country. Our state is also famously brainy, thanks to our unique open enrollment options for public schools and our above average ACT and NAEP scores. We also have more school districts and schools than our neighboring states, and we were ranked a full letter grade above the national average for our opportunities for student success!

Wow! It sounds like buying a home in Minnesota is an amazing choice! But how do I get started?

Real estate experts at The Antonov Group know the ins and outs of Minnesota homes, and love guiding buyers through the entire home-buying process! Our team is excited to help you get started on finding your very own piece of Minnesota!

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