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Pro Tips: Packing and Moving in Minnesota

Now that you can see the finish line on the course that is buying a home, it’s time to clear one of the final hurdles. Moving in Minnesota can seem daunting, and cause anxiety and dread for homebuyers. However, with the right tools, preparation and mindset, moving in Minnesota can turn out to be a simple, smooth transition into your new home. We recommend starting with doing your research, then packing...

What are Closing Costs?

You’ve shopped mindfully, keeping in line with your budget, and now, you’ve found your future home! Next, you’ll assess and budget for another expense- your closing costs in Minnesota. MN closing costs can sound a bit intimidating, as it’s a vague combination of fees due at closing. However, with a thorough breakdown and the guidance of a great agent (we recommend our experts here at The Antonov...

How to Hire a Lender

With all the professional options available to buyers today, finding just a mortgage lender in Minnesota can feel like your own personal stint on The Bachelor. Which mortgage lender in Minnesota is your idea type? There are plenty of fish in the sea, so should you shop around? Do you really click with your loan officer? When you need financing to move into the home that is The One, a great relationship...

Are You Ready to be a Homeowner in MN? Renting a home vs Buying a home in MN

At times, when weighing the benefits of buying vs. renting in Minnesota, it can feel like you are surrounded by people yelling ‘buy a home in MN! It’s the only way to work towards happiness!’. However, it’s important to remember that this is YOUR experience and applies to YOUR situation, which is why it’s smart to consider buying vs. renting a home in Minnesota. The Antonov Group recommends...

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