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How to Avoid 10 Major Homes Selling Mistakes

  1. Paint the guest room and fix that leaky faucet!

It’s natural to be excited about selling your home. You’re making a big change, and want to set the gears in motion. But rushing to put your home on the market and neglecting small changes and repairs can hurt you in the long run.

  1. Pump up your curb appeal

Once your home is sparkling on the inside, it’s time to make sure the exterior will make passers-by stomp on the brakes and say ‘WOW! I’d love to own that home!’.

  1. Open your home to the possibilities

Buyers want to imagine their future in a home. While your family pictures and personal touches are beautiful and meaningful, they also keep a buyer from seeing themselves and their family in your home.

  1. Use a real estate agent, and be picky!

On average, sellers that use an agent sell their homes more quickly and for more money than sellers that try to go it alone. Experts, especially those at The Antonov Group, can help simplify the complicated process, and guide you through home preparation, pricing, showings, offers, negotiations, inspections, closing and more.

  1. Know the true value of your home

Overpricing or underpricing your home could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Many factors go into determining a home’s value, and online estimates or previous sales prices often leave out important considerations. The Antonov Group has local market knowledge and sales expertise, in addition to plenty of resources, and can help you find your perfect price point.

  1. Make sure your photos deserve their own wall at the Louvre

Invest in great photography, because most home-searches begin online. Gorgeous pictures will attract more buyers, and more buyers means higher offers!

  1. Leave for showings, and bring the kids and Fido

It’s hard to leave your home knowing that a total stranger is going to pass judgement, especially with them not knowing how beautifully the sun hits the rear windows or how much better the new sink is. However, when you and your loved ones are at the house, it can make buyers feel like intruders in your home, or like they’re being rushed and can’t ask important questions.

  1. Try not to take it personally

At the end of the day, this is a business transaction. When a buyer lowballs you or criticizes your home, it’s not an attack on your sense of style or character. You made your home exactly what you always wanted, and buyers just want to do the same.

  1. Cross your t’s and dot your i’s on your disclosures before closing

Nothing sours a sale like incomplete disclosures. It’s vital that buyers know EVERYTHING about the home before the final moments of the transaction, because a closing room is no place to hash out furnace repairs or junk removal. The Antonov Group can guide you through their comprehensive set of detailed disclosure forms to help ensure nothing is forgotten!

  1. Enjoy the process while anticipating obstacles

This is a major life change, and while you can do everything in your power to make things go smoothly, sometimes life puts a bump in the road. Being prepared both financially and emotionally for whatever comes your way can make selling your home into the best possible experience!

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