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Pro Tips: Packing and Moving in Minnesota

Now that you can see the finish line on the course that is buying a home, it’s time to clear one of the final hurdles. Moving in Minnesota can seem daunting, and cause anxiety and dread for homebuyers. However, with the right tools, preparation and mindset, moving in Minnesota can turn out to be a simple, smooth transition into your new home. We recommend starting with doing your research, then packing with care and the right supplies, and finally dotting all the i’s and crossing your t’s for your change in location!

Know shipping (and moving expenses), Sherlock

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional moving company, you’ll want to use one of your most valuable resources: Your friends, family and agent. Asking these people which companies they like and dislike, as well as a ballpark figure for what they themselves paid, can give you a great starting point. Once you’ve gotten a feel for what to expect, reach out to some moving companies in Minnesota, and ask for quotes from at least 2 of them. If you have a buyers agent, run the company by them to make sure that they’re trustworth and licensed/insured. If you’re unrepresented, do a thorough search online to double check.

Knowing general costs and supply pricing will be a major player in saving you money if you choose to go solo when moving in Minnesota. DIY may be cheaper than hiring professionals, but it can also add up surprisingly quickly. You’ll need to account for the cost of truck rental, moving blankets, paper, tape, bubble wrap and boxes. Keep an eye out for cheap or free supplies, like empty boxes, paper for packing and old blankets.

You should also allocate ample funds for repaying any of the help received from friends or family with dinner, gift cards, cash, etc.

Try not to go totally off the grid

It’s easy to forget that you need to make sure that a few parties know you’re moving, and have your new address going forward. At closing, and ideally even before, your closer, loan officer or agent should help you assess a list of service providers (electric, water, gas, trash pickup, etc.) used by the previous homeowners. If you’re moving out of the service area of your previous provider, you need to notify them that you’ll be discontinuing their service. You will also want to collaborate with your new service providers to prevent walking into your new home only to have no hot water or internet connection.

The US Postal Service will also want to know your new address, so they can update their database as well as have a forwarding address for mail still being sent to your previous home. Other parties that need to know you’re moving include any financial services (credit card, bank, etc.) you’re using.

Fight the inner pack rat with a planned pack attack

No matter what, when moving in Minnesota, you will want to have:

  • Office supplies such as permanent markers, scissors and labels
  • Boxes, boxes, boxes, and oh, did we mention? Boxes!
  • Packing tape
  • Protective material such as bubble wrap
  • Packing paper and paper towels
  • Plastic wrap
  • Small tools as needed (like screwdrivers, hammers for nail removal and other minor tasks)
  • Packing blankets to keep items safe when riding in the moving truck

When it comes to actually packing your belongings for the move, be careful to wrap items individually and with care, and clearly mark boxes with a specific, brief description of their contents. ‘Kitchen’ or ‘Clothes’ may seem like plenty, but will be a major pain when you carry to same box of clothes down the stairs just to realize they belong on the top floor.It’s also a good idea to evaluate what items you’ll need and when you’ll need them once you officially move in. Finally, remember, if you can clear out items that may not be as necessary as you might have once thought, you’ll have less to pack and move!

For more tips and information on moving in Minnesota, contact our experts at The Antonov Group!

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