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Selling Your Home As-Is: FAQs

What kind of sellers could benefit from an as-is home sale?

Circumstances vary greatly for homeowners looking to sell homes as-is, and some may find themselves:

  • Needing to move short-notice for a job, family matter, etc.
  • Hoping to remove less-than-ideal renters from their property, and looking for a way out
  • Scrambling to keep up with mortgage payments, and looking for a way to prevent foreclosure
  • Paying two mortgages on two properties, when one home closes and another remains on the market
  • Looking to skip the stress of repairing and showing property to sell
  • Thinking they might not want to deal with the paperwork, inspections, wait times and anxiety traditional selling can bring

How does this whole thing work?

We’re proud of the simplicity and transparency of our process.

First: Once you call or contact us for more info, we will discuss sending one of our experts to your property to check out the overall condition and collect info for a potential offer

Second: Once we’ve toured the property, we will make you an offer to buy your home as-is

Third: If you accept the offer, we can buy your home within days!

My house has looked better, would you still be willing to buy my home as-is?

We see potential in every property, and are willing to work with you on homes in all conditions!

When you make your offer, will I be charged an additional fee?

We do not charge any fees for evaluating and making an offer on your home! Our service is provided for free with no obligation or fees, and our goal is simply to make you the best offer possible when selling your home as-is.

No obligation? Seriously?

Absolutely none. After reviewing our estimate and offer, it is up to you whether or not you choose to sell your home to us as-is. If you decide to go in a different direction instead of selling to us, there are no fees or constraints holding you back!

Why should I choose to sell my home as-is to The Antonov Group?

We stand by our business, and build our reputation on the reviews and referrals of satisfied clients. Your experience means everything to us, and we will support you throughout every step of this process. We understand that an as-is home sale is a first time endeavor for many, and want to ensure that you understand how this works, how we craft our offer and what we can do to make your selling process run as smoothly as possible. We will do everything within our power to earn and maintain your trust, starting with no hidden fees or surprise expenses. When you work with The Antonov Group, we are positive that you will be happy with your as-is home selling experience!

Please contact our experts here at The Antonov Group via (site link) or call us at (phone number) for more information!

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