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The Ins and Outs of Inside and Outside Seasonal House Repairs and Maintenance

If your home had an upkeep playlist, The Four Seasons would hold a spot near the very top. As a homeowner, especially in a state like Minnesota, seasonal house repairs are vital to the care and maintenance of your largest investment. This year-round maintenance strategy helps you give your home the TLC it needs, and we recommend using this list of suggested seasonal house repairs as a template for your game plan.

When Spring has sprung…

Spring cleaning will give your home a desperately-needed breath of fresh air, and also pairs well with carrying out your seasonal house repairs, such as:

  • Deep cleaning carpets
  • Dusting from the baseboards and molding to the ceiling, including appliances and fixtures in between
  • Zeroing-in on bathroom spots and stains, giving surfaces and grout especially thorough cleanings
  • Throwing rugs, window-curtains and heavy winter blankets in the wash
  • Wiping down windows thoroughly
  • Cleaning out gutters and remove any significant debris from roof
  • Power washing outdoor furniture, driveway, exterior siding, patio and/or deck area
  • Checking and changing the batteries in smoke, radon and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Filling in any cracks that may have appears home’s exterior or interior walls, paying special attention to seal, roof shingle and foundation cracks
  • Tending to landscaping like pruning shrubs, trees and gardens (and plant some flowers for some bonus curb appeal!)
  • Clearing any debris left by winter’s wrath
  • Completing touch-ups like patching holes in screening, painting over scuffs and scratches or replacing items with more significant wear and tear (this is a recurring theme when it comes to seasonal house repairs)

When Summer sneaks up…

  • Deep cleaning refrigerator and all its nooks and crannies
  • Dusting tops of ceiling fans
  • Cleaning air filters and replacing as needed (helping reduce energy used by AC!)
  • Installing window screens for money-saving, evening-cooling breeze
  • Tuning up and cleaning AC
  • Tending the lawn, including mowing, fertilizing and consistent watering
  • Weeding as needed, and deadheading flowers in garden to keep it fresh

When Autumn falls…

  • Cleaning all filters, from HVAC to vents
  • Deep cleaning outdoor furniture and outdoor maintenance tools
  • Storing tools, furniture cushions, fertilizers, garden hoses (after emptying!), summer outdoor toys, etc. in garage or storage space
  • Clearing gutters and storm drains
  • Cleaning chimney if applicable
  • Arranging inspection, cleaning and repair for HVAC system
  • Sealing potential places in which heat could be lost
  • Finishing preventative and future maintenance like weed removal, lawn-aeration, seeding, bulb-planting, etc.
  • Completing small repairs and touch ups

When Winter wanders in…

  • Cleaning heat registers and furnace filters consistently
  • Insulating pipes, valves, windows and doors to fight the cold
  • Reversing all ceiling fan directions to direct warmer air downwards

…And then it’s time to do it all again. This list may seem long, but within a short time, these tasks will start to feel natural and even exciting, because they mark the start of a new season.

For more tips or general information about maintaining your home with seasonal house repairs, contact our experts at The Antonov Group today!

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